A well-planned sales strategy will help your business achieve it's growth potential. The sales-efficiency.com Sales Strategy consulting services are designed to help businesses:

 Target and penetrate the most promising and profitable markets and sectors

 Go to market in the most effective manner

 Refine and maximise your competitive advantage and product/service differentiation to increase market share and margins

 Increase sales win ratios and shorten sales cycles by refining and aligning sales and marketing messaging to capitalise on your value proposition and your competitor's weaknesses

 Define the most efficient and cost-effective tactics and methods to sell your company's products and services.

 Establish a specific plan to strengthen and enhance lead generation.

 Establish comprehensive success metrics and quantitative targets at every critical level from the number of impressions made to the number of customers gained.


Therefore utilising sales-efficiency.com to assist in building your Sales Strategy will deliver a personalised documented Sales Plan and encompass the following 3 elements as a minimum:


 Defining the strategy

 Structuring for success

 Creating the tactics for progressing an opportunity


Defining the Strategy

A focused strategy gives direction to teams involved in identifying and qualifying sales opportunities. It also provides a foundation upon which to develop appropriate sales tactics. The strategy definition stage comprises these phases:


†††††††††††† Stop/go decision. This is a prerequisite of business development. This phase

†††††††††††† requires people to clarify their objectives. A decision to pursue an opportunity

†††††††††††† must reflect the companyís strategic priorities by weighing the risks,

†††††††††††† attractiveness, and potential returns. Whether the motive is to win a specific

†††††††††††† piece of work or broaden relationships to create opportunities for other work, the

†††††††††††† objectives need to be explicit and measurable.


†††††††††††† Investment (pricing) decision. Your organisation must think in broader terms about

†††††††††††† what you are trying to achieve commercially. This involves assessing the overall

†††††††††††† investment position, considering both revenue and costs, before pursuing an

†††††††††††† opportunity.


†††††††††††††††† Delivering the best. Ultimately, your sales team should create the highest-quality

†††††††††††† sales process possible. Integral to this goal is clarifying the prospectís needs and

†††††††††††† expectations from the start and gaining regular feedback throughout the process.


Structuring for Success

sales-efficiency.com will focus on creating the right framework to progress sales opportunities. This may include suggestions as to the selection of team members for individual sales pursuits based on what the prospectís ideal team might look like, with special attention to industry knowledge, specialist and technical skills, and softer issues such as personality types.


Additionally, sales-efficiency.com will highlight those types of behaviours proven to be most successful in any given sales situation: creativity, listening, empathy, courage, discipline, energy, enthusiasm, hunger, integrity, teamwork, understanding, and vision.


Creating the Tactics for Progressing an Opportunity

The most important sales tactics will establish "who are we selling to; what are we selling them; and why is it better than the competition." Tactics will be defined, these tactics may include how to:


†††††††††††† Build strong relationships. The methodology includes disciplined techniques to

†††††††††††† help professionals analyse and engage key buyers and influencers.


†††††††††††††††† Developing compelling, tailored, value propositions. The sales team must

†††††††††††† emphasise innovative solutions based on a detailed understanding of the business,

†††††††††††† the key decision makers and their needs, and a clear view of the competition.

†††††††††††† Developed early in the process, propositions can then be refined and proved

†††††††††††† throughout.


†††††††††††††††† Beating the competition. Competitor intelligence is obviously vital, but it is useful

†††††††††††† only when acted upon. Your plan should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of

†††††††††††† key competitors and then adapt your tactics accordingly to counteract any

†††††††††††† competitor advantage and to highlight your own teamís strengths.

Sales Strategy Definition